After the "Doctor Who" season premiere last week -- "Asylum of the Daleks" -- fans are gearing up for the latest episode of the program, the brilliantly titled "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship."

And while some American fans are planning to tune in to BBC America to catch the hit British series, others are turning to questionably legal online streams to get their "Doctor Who" fix.

The new episode will be shown by BBC America Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.

So where can fans turn to watch the latest "Doctor Who" as it airs (and sometimes even before, due to the time differences between the U.K. and the U.S.)? Luckily for them, several sites have live streams of the show, so fans can check out the latest episode on a timely basis, even if they don't have cable or a physical TV.

Where are these live streams? Perhaps the most popular is Tardis Blue, streaming on The community is currently streaming older episodes of the show on loop, but plans to screen "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" for the North American premiere. Another site, Adventures in the Tardis, is also planning to host a live stream when the show airs.

For many, streaming sites like this are replacing traditional television.

Die-hard television fan bases are moving further and further away from physical TV sets, as services such as Hulu and Netflix become go-to places to catch up on TV shows. Piracy is an increasing problem in the TV world, as well.

One reason behind the problem is the fact that even when television networks make content available online, it can be inconvenient for many people, especially because content is almost never made available at the same time as it airs on live TV.

So what can fans expect from "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship?" For one thing, they're likely going to get a lot of dinosaurs. And for another thing, those creatures are probably going to be in space. More specifically, expect to see the Doctor and his companions Amy and Rory attempt to stop a ship from crash-landing into Earth. The episode also features Edwardian-era explorer John Riddell and Queen Nefertiti.

Check out the trailer for "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" below.