In an astonishing act of animal loyalty, a black Labrador Retriever bravely stood watch over a fallen companion amidst heavy traffic on a Los Angeles freeway, the Associated Press said.

News of the female dog standing by a male golden retriever surfaced Saturday, after a concerned motorist put out traffic cones in a bid to protect the animals from passing vehicles and shot video of two dogs lying on La Puente Street. According to the report, the deceased Labrador is believed to have been struck down by a car.

Marcia Mayeda, director of Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control in Baldwin Park, who received the heart-wrenching video, said: When I saw the video clip taken by a passerby's cellphone, I became emotional, Mayeda said in a statement on the Patch.

According to the AP report, the 2-year-old black Labrador is yet to be claimed and will be given for adoption. Volunteers at the shelter have named her Grace, the AP said.

Though it's not yet confirmed if the dog was killed in a hit and run case, leaving the scene of an accident is considered a felony in California and the penalties for injuring a person or animal involve steep fines or even prison time.

Here's the video that captured Grace's astonishing bravery as she kept vigil over her deceased companion right in the middle of ongoing traffic.