Dog shaming, is the latest craze to hit the Internet in which canines are forced to confess their sins while looking guilty.

There are two ingredients to dog shaming: post a picture of your dog with a remorseful face alongside a handwritten confession to some shameful behavior - whether it's biting the mailman or eating poop.

A Tumblr dedicated to dog shaming has gone viral since it debuted on the Internet about a week ago. 

Nearly every posting has about 1,000 Facebook likes.

Some of the notes written next to the dogs include, "Used tampons are my favorite," "We killed a mockingbird," "I stole a little girl's ice cream at the park," "I ate my father's paycheck," and "I poop in dark bedrooms (while another dog "eats the evidence.)"

It's unclear how dog shaming got started, but the photos are a hit on the Internet, especially on Twitter.

"Love dog shaming. 'I love to eat the crotch out of ladies jeans,'" said Sophie Hobson.

"This amuses me enormously - dog shaming!" said @Naomi_101.

"Just discovered @dogshaming and am now WEEPING with laughter," shared Marsha Shandur.

"Dog Shaming is the new black," declared Tom Price. "It's about time the world knew about this."

"I never do this but it's honestly too funny not to share. Dog people, I give you DogShaming Now go laugh," wrote @FunnyNotFound.

When the "Today" show mentioned dog shaming during its Wednesday broadcast, Al Roker said he's not a fan of the latest Internet trend.

"It's called being a dog," Roker said during the lighthearted moment, adding that dog shaming isn't much help to the canine that misbehaved.

The "Today" show's Savannah Guthrie concurred.

"They actually look ashamed. This is making me sad," she said.

Matt Lauer said the dogs should turn the tables on their human owners.

"I think dogs need a website of their own to shame their parents," he said.

Roker chimed in with a suggestion, ""

Should the dogs ever follow through on Lauer's idea, that domain is unregistered at the moment.