Hillary Clinton won over more voters in the 2016 election, but Donald Trump emerged the victor after he picked up enough states to secure an Electoral College victory. That means roughly half the nation isn't happy about the outcome of the vote, and many were prepared to take a stand Wednesday and show their discontent. 

Clinton won 59,626,052 votes nationally, to Trump's 59,427,652, a difference of 198,400 votes. In all, she claimed 47.7 percent of the electorate to Trump's 47.5 percent share. Her supporters are fighting back now, by giving to Planned Parenthood, changing their profile image on Facebook and walking out of schools. Want to join in? Here are six ways you can take a stand against the president-elect.

1. Donate to Planned Parenthood. Trump, who has vowed to name judges to the Supreme Court who are anti-abortion rights, could help the Republican-controlled Senate and House defund the health organization.

"A Trump presidency will mean that attacks on access to abortion and all other reproductive health services will continue at the federal level and in states all across this country," Willie Parker, board chair of Physicians for Reproductive Health, said in a statement Wednesday morning. 

To donate or volunteer, visit the Planned Parenthood Action Fund website.

2. Write to your member of Congress. You may not agree with the Republicans who will run the White House, Senate and House, but they still have to answer to you. Worried about a specific issue, such as Trump's vow to deport immigrants or ban Muslims? Find your elected representative and explain your concerns in a letter.

3. Organize a walk out. Thousands of students left their classrooms Wednesday to protest Trump's victory. Students tweeted "#NotMyPresident," and pledged to fight for their values. You can do the same.

4. Change your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter to black. #TwitterBlackOut began trending nationwide Wednesday morning as people looked for a way to express their displeasure on social media. 

5. Join a public demonstration. Many Americans are taking to their local streets to demonstrate against Trump's policies by chanting or even burning effigies. Search for local events on Facebook and other sites where people share social justice news. 

6. Go to a Trump property and make your voice here there. Lady Gaga and many other New Yorkers rallied against Trump Tuesday and Wednesday outside his Trump Tower in New York City. Trump has properties across the world, so you can follow their lead.