Heartbit Interactive is working on “Doom & Destiny Advanced,” and apparently it’s the prequel, sequel and reboot to the original “Doom & Destiny” roleplaying game. Heartbit stated that the game is all three things at once because it takes place before the first game, is the second game in the series and is an entirely new story. The statement is mostly a joke, given how many video games and movies have received the reboot treatment lately.

Regardless of how one views the continuity of the game, “Doom & Destiny Advanced” continues the story of the four “nerds” who get trapped in the fantasy worlds that they are fond of. According to Pocket Gamer, the four nerds wish to be epic heroes in these new fantasy worlds and must participate in plenty of combat while also preparing for cosplay competitions.

With the tagline “nerds never die” and the mention of cosplay competitions, it’s clear that “Doom & Destiny Advanced” wears gaming culture on its sleeve, which is part of the appeal. The game’s graphics are two-dimensional like Super Nintendo games, and gameplay lets players explode chickens, as in “The Legend of Zelda.” Gameplay also pays tribute to older games, with a world map and combat system heavily influenced by the older “Final Fantasy” games.

The new features in the game include a more refined class system for the four nerds, the ability to change their appearance, cross-platform multiplayer for cooperative and competitive play and more. The turn-based combat also sees some improvements, as mid-turn reactions and counterattacks add tension to the fights.

Hoping to make the second game better than the first, Heartbit announced that “Doom & Destiny Advanced” will be available through Early Access. This way, the developer will be able to gauge player interest and fix any problem encountered before the title is officially launched and made playable to everyone.

“Doom & Destiny Advanced” is currently available on iTunes, Google Play, the Amazon App and Windows Phone, with a PC version coming soon. The game is currently on sale for $0.99.

Doom & Destiny Advanced - Trailer 1080p 120fps (Credit: YouTube/Benjamin Ficus)