Draya Michele wants fans to know it’s not hard (for her) to snap right back after having a baby. The former “Basketball Wives” star caused a bit of controversy Friday when she posted a Snapchat video showing off her toned, flat tummy just one week after giving birth to her second child.

In the video, Michele is seen wearing a sports bra and underwear as she turns and flaunts her tiny stomach for the camera. “It’s been an official seven days,” she said. “Happy Friday everyone.”


#Pressplay: #DrayaMichele better show off that post baby belly ! #TSRSnapBacks!

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Apparently, Michele’s video upset a few people, so the swimsuit designer responded to the criticism in a series of Instagram posts. Sharing what appears to be a message telling her to enjoy her baby and stop being so “concerned with how in shape you are,” Michele wrote: “Words can’t describe how infatuated I am with my family. I often wonder do people realize it takes secs to make a snap. It’s not even 1% of the 24 hours in a day that I spend loving on my kids and getting actual work done. I just CHOOSE what I want to share because it’s MY page.”

In another post, she wrote a lengthier message: “I chose to record myself after giving birth because I am proud of myself. For 8 months straight I was dedicated to my health and the health of my growing baby. I went to the gym and walked 5 miles a week. I’ve never been so focused and determined. I’m excited about my results. I would also like the credit for my hard work and leave no room for people to give credit to plastic surgery or ‘having money’ (whatever that means). I truly wanted people to be aware that I achieved these results fair and square.”

Michele ended by saying that she hopes her journey helps women “appreciate themselves” and encourages a healthier lifestyle.

As previously reported, the former VH1 star was criticized during her pregnancy because of her small baby bump. The 31-year-old, who often shared workout selfies throughout her pregnancy, fired back at the comments, telling fans she and her son were healthy.

“I know you are comparing my pregnancy to your own and maybe a few other people you may follow,” she wrote. “But this is MY pregnancy, and my family, friends, and doctor all believe I’m taking the right steps to delivering my little guy the most natural and drug free way possible.”

As People magazine reported Thursday, Michele gave birth naturally to her son Jru last Friday. The baby weighed 6.5 pounds and was 20 inches long.