Another super team is on the verge of forming in the NBA.

The Nets are working on a blockbuster trade to acquire Dwight Howard from the Magic. If Brooklyn can complete the deal, they'd have one of the more formidable rosters in the entire league.

Brooklyn agreed to a trade with Atlanta last week that netted them Joe Johnson. After singing Deron Williams to a contract extension, a deal with the Magic would give the Nets three of the best players in the NBA.

Even though a trade hasn't been completed, the Nets are still listed as one of the favorites to win the NBA Title next year. According the online betting Web Site, the Nets have the fourth best odds to win the 2013 NBA finals. Brooklyn's odd are set at 10/1.

The Heat are still the favorites at 2/1, after winning the championship this year. If the Nets can get Howard, will they be better than Miami?

Miami would still be considered the class of the NBA in many people's eyes. They just rolled through Oklahoma City en route to a title, and have the best player in the league in LeBron James.

Brooklyn may not have a player as good as James, but they could end up with arguably the best constructed Big Three in the NBA. It's hard to find a trio better than James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Wade and James, however, sometimes can have a hard time playing together because they play similar positions.

The Nets core would be made up of three completely different kinds of players. Williams is one of the best distributers in the league, Johnson is a good scorer and shooter and Howard is the most dominant big man in the NBA.

It took James and Wade a while to develop chemistry while being on the court at the same time. The Nets stars should have a much easier time playing together because they all play very different positions.

The potential 2012-2013 Nets roster might be better than the Heat team that won a championship this past season. However, the Heat look like they'll be even better next year.

Ray Allen will join Miami next year, giving them their best fourth option since James, Wade and Bosh joined forces in 2010. There are also rumors that veteran Rashard Lewis will join the Heat.

Even if the Nets and Magic agree on a deal, the Heat will likely remain the favorites to win it all. James proved in the playoffs that he's the best player in the NBA, and he and Wade are in a position to win multiple titles.

There's no denying, though, that Dwight Howard would make the Nets one of the best teams in the league. He led the Magic to the playoffs in each of the past six seasons, and never played with a teammate as good a Johnson or Williams.

With an All-Star caliber point guard and shooting guard, Howard and the Nets could challenge the Heat for supremacy in the Eastern Conference for years to come.