On the court, most of us know of Dwyane Wade as one of the NBA’s elite ballers.

Off the court, however, Wade has some explaining to do.

While known as an NBA fashionista of sorts, Wade took his sartorial stylings to another level Tuesday after photos of
him wearing skin tight pants on the team’s plane were tweeted out by Heat co-star Lebron James (hopefully not while the plane was attempting to take off, of course).

"My boi @thewayofwade taking fashion to a whole new level with these pants. Mannn! #chineseprint #paintedon,” James wrote on Twitter.

Last year, Sports Illustrated announced that Wade was named the most fashionable NBA-er in a 137-player poll.

What does one have to don to acquire such a label? Well, rainbow sweaters, yellow bow ties, and red sunglasses are a pretty good start. Wade even went so far as to match his tie to the color of a wrap on his banged-up finger during a post-game press conference, according to the Post Game.

The tweeted pants may just take the cake, though. As LeBron deftly points out, those things appear to be painted on. It’s a miracle he could even move in them. The black sunglasses and slippers he accompanied them with--a little more our taste.

Wade, smiling ear-to-ear in the picture, appears to be rocking the pants with pizzazz. We guess that’s all that matters.