A 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia shook the entire East Coast region, drawing tweets from celebrities.

The earthquake, one of the largest to hit the metro Washington area, prompted the evacuation of the Pentagon and nearby buildings.

Along with other Americans, celebrities turned to Twitter with comments about the Virginia Earthquake 2011.

@LanceBass: I wonder when the churches are going to start blaming the earthquake on NY's legalized gay marriage?

@FINALLEVEL (Ice T): I'm from LA..... So that was like a normal day in Cali.

@adamlevine: Ok. Even GOD is pissed off at Washington now.

@Sn00ki: 2012 is near, I knew it! I hope everyones okay!!!

@kevinjonas: Not home dani felt the earthquake I hope everyone is safe. Just so happy to know my jersey family is all good. Crazy.

@davenavarro6767: In LA, we rock our babies to sleep at a 6.3... That was nothing New York, settle down now!

@KatDeLuna: This earthquake scared me, take care of yourselves !!!


@kathygriffin: Me on ph in my NYC hotel room uh, I think we're having an earthquake right now My Mom You're nuts, it's just windy TIP IT!

@ariannahuff: Clearly, this is a sign God wants more budget cuts and austerity. #kidding #butsomeonewillsaythat