While Easter is one of two important religious holiday celebrations in Christianity, Easter egg hunts are arguably the best part about celebrating the Easter tradition, aside from the chocolate bunnies, of course, that doesn't involve religion whatsoever.

According to EHow.com, Easter Egg Hunts were first celebrated in the 1700's by German immigants in Pennsylvania. The tradition began with the Osterhare, an egg-laying rabbit, that German children would make nests for so that the hare could lay eggs in it. Soon, the tradition evolved into a treasure hunt for the eggs, with baskets replacing the nests, with prizes and chocolate.

Hunts typically are for children, where Easter eggs, whether hard-boiled, chocolate or plastic filled with treats, are hidden either indoors or outdoors, and prizes are awarded.

Even the President of the United States joins in the celebration of Easter with an annual Easter Egg Roll held at the White House. This year, President Barack Obama and family will host the 134-year tradition on the Monday after Easter, or Easter Monday as it is called, expecting 35,000 visitors in 2012, according to the blog post. Last year, 200,000 people applied but only 30,000 received tickets, according to ABC

The 134-year tradition caters to children, ages 13 and under, and is always held on the Monday after Easter.

The tradition dates back to 1878 when children would congregate at Capitol Hill on Easter Monday for a day full of activities. The event was moved to the White House in 1878 when President Hayes offered children to roll eggs in his backyard and the rest is history.

The event has also become a celebrity-favorite, with performances by Willow Smith and Justin Bieber in past years.

Those selected can get souvenir eggs in purple, blue, green and orange with the signatures of the President and First Lady. A Bo egg with the First Dog's paw print comes in the 2012 collector set.

If you haven't signed up for the White House Easter Egg Roll and you're looking for an Easter Egg Hunt event near you, log onto EasterEggHuntsAndEvents.org to find the hunt nearest you.

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