French prank master Rémi Gaillard has done it again, this time with a living room elevator trick.

The prank, called Foot Elevator, shows a woman approaching an elevator bank. When her elevator arrives, Gaillard -- who remains in character the whole time -- gets up from his makeshift living room to grab a beverage from his fridge, conveniently located in the next elevator. (So this is what it's like to live in an elevator!)

The video, which was released on Gaillard's YouTube channel last Friday, has already been viewed by more than 1 million people.

But Foot Elevator has some stiff competition. To date, Gaillard's most popular prank has been Mario Kart, a video of well, a real life demonstration of the popular Nintendo racing game. Mario Kart, which debuted three years ago, has been viewed by more than 46.6 million people on YouTube.

Gaillard, a native of southern France, has been quite the celebrity among viral video enthusiasts. The 37-year-old has more than 4.3 million Likes on Facebook, more than 921 million total upload views on YouTube and more than 1.1 million subscribers.

This channel contains dangerously funny videos . . . a french hidden camera show which differs from most other in the aspect that gags are surreal and very visual. You don't need to learn french to understand, so get ready to laugh hard! reads Gaillard's YouTube profile page.

Scroll down to watch Rémi Gaillard's latest prank, Foot Elevator and some of his other documented tricks.