Looks like Rachel Uchitel is hell bent on inflicting more damage to Elin Nordegren's personal life. Over the weekend, fresh reports arose that Rachel Uchitel had slept with Jamie Dingman, the new man in Elin's life. Just recently Uchitel was offered $10 million by Tiger Woods to stop a press conference about him which she reportedly returned back to him. Rachel is a night club hostess and a TV correspondent who shot to fame in 2001 when a placard of her holding her fiance's picture who worked in the World Trade Center was published by the New York Post and circulated worldwide. She made headlines again in 2010 as one of Tiger Woods' top mistresses.

According to reports by TMZ, Elin's new man, Jamie, hooked up with Rachel twice in 2009. Jamie's friends now vehemently deny that allegation. However, according to reports by TMZ, they stayed together at the home of a friend, Chris Barish. People at the Barish house say they saw Jamie come in late at night to Rachel's room twice. And Rachel herself has reportedly admitted to friends about having slept with Jamie. Apparently they were together for around two-and-a-half months. With all these reports surfacing, we wonder what Jamie and Elin have to say. Will Jamie be shown the door as well by Elin?