A few months back, Bill Maher made a joke on his HBO show saying that he would like to exchange Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Lara Logan. While Hasselbeck sounded off about the remark back in February, she finally got a chance to come face-to-face with Bill Maher on The View this week.

When Hasselbeck reread the joke, the audience began laughing. This enraged Hasselbeck, who said, That's fine if you want to laugh, but I sit with the best comedians ... you can't tell me I'm wrong when I say that wasn't that funny.

Sitting side-by-side with Hasselbeck, Maher said that his show is a comedy show that's for a different audience than Hasselbeck's. He added, You are a public figure. It was not aimed at you personally, but when you are a public figure you are out there and you are fodder for comedians to make comments.

Growing increasingly angry, Hasselbeck asked Maher if he would say the comments again.

If I had a crystal ball and knew I was coming here and would have to spend my whole segment talking about it - no!

Hasselbeck's fellow co-hosts seemed equally annoyed by the fight.

I went through years of Baba Wawa and I survived, Walters moaned.

Just when the segment seemed like it was heading back toward the Republican presidential candidates, Hasselbeck found a way to bring it back around to the bone she had to pick with Maher.

After Maher dissed the Republican Party and its pool of candidates, Hasselbeck snapped, Wow, I actually feel smarter sitting next to you.

Really? Maher said. Because I feel like I'm in high school sitting next to you.

Eventually Walters got the show back on track until Shaquille O'Neal came out for the next segment and asked Hasselbeck, Liz, if you've got something to say, say it now.

Hasselbeck is no stranger to fights on The View. Previous cat fights include the notorious 2007 spat with Rosie O'Donnell and a 2010 row with Kathy Griffin.

Watch Elisabeth Hasselbeck vs Bill Maher below: