Showcased among the many priceless jewelry collections of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor at the Christie's auction was the famous 33.19 carat white diamond ring presented by her lifelong love, Richard Burton.

The tempestuous romance between Burton and Taylor captivated millions across the world. Although her marriage with her two-time husband, Burton, did not work out,  their lifelong passion was a subject of speculation and was often regarded as a great love story.

The diamond ring was the main highlight of the show. It is said that Taylor was extremely fond of the ring and she wore it almost every day.

However, considering the fact that she married eight times during her lifetime, many find it difficult to associate the world lifelong love with her.

Sally Burton, Burton's ex-wife for one, finds it particularly difficult to believe it. Yes, they were in love but they got divorced twice, that means their marriage didn't work, the Telegraph UK quoted Sally stating.

Apart from this, the other collection included in the Christie's auction was a glittering 16th-century pearl that Taylor herself helped design.

This collection is unlike anything we have offered before. It is a window on Elizabeth Taylor's life, Reuters quoted Christie's America chairman Marc Porter stating.

Take a look at the unique collection below: