Elizabeth Warren would trump Hillary Clinton in a 2016 presidential contest, claims a poll released Wednesday from the liberal-leaning MoveOn.org. The poll, conducted by YouGov, shows Warren besting Clinton 31 percent to 24 percent in Iowa, and 30-27 in New Hampshire, both important stops in any race to the White House.

It's unclear whether the poll results paint a fair picture. Participants were told statements such as "Elizabeth Warren wants to extend the same low interest rates that the federal government gives big Wall Street banks to college students who receive government loans for their education" and "Sen. Warren says, 'I came out of a hardworking, middle-class family. I came from an America that created opportunities for people like me, and I now see an America where the government works for people who already have money and power. ... We need to remind politicians that they don’t work for the big banks -- they work for us.' "

The Washington Post made fun of the poll with an article headlined "This terrible poll shows Elizabeth Warren beating Hillary Clinton." The article read: "The takeaway here: If Warren runs for president and is somehow able to run a campaign in which she is the only candidate allowed to share positive information about herself, then she might -- emphasis on might -- have a chance of beating Clinton. If anything, this poll should discourage Warren from changing her mind and running."

The survey was conducted between Jan. 30 and Feb. 5 and was limited to respondents who said they were likely to vote in the Democratic presidential primary or caucus. “YouGov’s poll shows what the hundreds of thousands of people who have joined the Run Warren Run campaign already know — Elizabeth Warren’s story and vision are powerfully compelling," said Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org Civic Action, in a press release. "When likely primary voters and caucus-goers in Iowa and New Hampshire learn about how Elizabeth Warren fights for working and middle-class families and stands up to Wall Street and powerful interests, they want her to run for president.” 

Run Warren Run is a joint effort of MoveOn.org Political Action and Democracy for America to recruit Warren to launch a presidential campaign. Clinton ran for president in 2008 but lost in the primary contest to President Barack Obama. She is considered, in most polls, to be the Democratic favorite in the 2016 race if she launches a campaign.