Michelle Obama was on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show this morning to talk about her campaign to fight childhood obesity as well as dish on some of her pet peeves regarding America's Commander-in-Chief (he doesn't pick up his socks and likes to hang his jackets on the corners of doors). He likes it neat, she said, but noted that the President has people to clean up after him.

Seemingly out of nowhere, DeGeneres challenged the physically fit first lady to a push-up contest in front of the audience, in which Michelle bested the talk show host.

How many push-ups can you do, asked the host, possibly challenging Michelle Obama's commitment to physical fitness, and adding, I like to do a pushup.

Michelle Obama happily accepted the challenge, but worried about Degeneres's back issues.

A few moments later the pair had removed their jackets and were in the pushup position. The audience counted along as Degeneres and Obama moved in unison. After 20 push-ups Ellen looked like she was getting tired and stopped, while Michelle easily put away another five.

Afterwards, Degeneres claimed she had stopped after 20 because she thought it would look bad to show up the first lady. She also noted that Obama is six years younger.

Michelle Obama was in L.A. promoting her Let's Move campaign. She appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday to feed Jay Leno a meal grown in the White House Garden, and visited a local market.