Emma Stone, the star of the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man”, the actress of the “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, released last Friday and "Friends With Benefits", is the rising queen of this summer who know how to keep the Red Carpet sizzling.

Here are some tidbits about her:

? Emma, a drop out at 15, pursued acting full-time though eventually finished schooling.

? Emma's natural hair color is blonde but dyed it brown. When adivsed by Judd Apatow, she changed her hair color to red for a role in Superbad.

? She learned to play bass for a role in The Rocker.

? She was initially into learning HTML and web design.

? To convince her parents about her Hollywood career, she made a PowerPoint presentation with Madonna's song "Hollywood".

? When living in Arizona, Emma acted in a local theater production of The Wiz with future American Idol winner Jordin Sparks.