Not everyone who took home a trophy at Sunday's 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards gets a fashion prize.

We know it's (almost) fall, but it's only September, and the Nokia Theatre is in sunny Los Angeles. What's with the dark colored, full coverage dresses? Sure, some beauty can't hide under a matronly dress (i.e. Minka Kelly), but why the normally adorable Amy Poelher would go for a full-length, slightly ill-fitting dress in that metallic color, we're not sure. It didn't look awful, but it sure looked uncomfortable.

Still, all is forgiven, since Poelher was responsible for the hilarious Miss Universe-mocking stage rush when the Actress in a Comedy Series award was announced -- one of the best bits of the night.

Speaking of Best Actress in a Comedy Series, congratulations Melissa McCarthy! On the Emmy, not the outfit.

This one hurts because you are so great, and because you made your own dress. But it was not a home run.

We know the fashionable, pseudo-PC thing to do when it comes to likeable actresses who are bigger than a size eight is gush over how fabulous they look even when that's not entirely correct. Again, it wasn't a complete disaster, but the waistline was off, and did we see shoulder pads? We just can't get behind it one hundred percent.

Other fashion misses were Gwyneth Paltrow's take on a bellydancing costume, Jane Lynch's silver halter dress (but we loved the red carpet entrance gown), Julianna Margulies's painful-looking too-white Armani, Drew Barrymore's disastrous sweater dress-meets-I Dream of Jeanie getup, Katie Holmes' insubstantial Calvin Klein (topped with a messy bun), and Olivia Munn's wrinkled Carolina Herrera (but her tan and hair looked awesome).

The big winners were: OMG Sofia Vergara, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Westfeldt (who took a page from Michelle Williams' book), Lea Michelle, and the top half of Kerry Washington.

Stevie Nicks gets an honorary nod because she showed up looking so very Stevie Nicks.

Christina Hendricks is disqualified from consideration because we couldn't tell where he dress ended and her skin began. And we just cannot decide about Heidi Klum. Or Julie Bowen - the dress was good, but her skinniness was a bit distracting.

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