It appears the cast of “Empire” is a family on and off-screen. Actors Tai Byers and Grace Gealey are reportedly engaged to be married.

Following rumors of a possible romance between the Fox network stars People is reporting that the co-stars are officially engaged. Us Weekly reports that the proposal occurred on Gealey’s 31st birthday Sunday. According to the magazine, the actors have been dating since March. 

While Byers, 32, has never confirmed his off-camera romance with Gealey, the actor had nothing but kind things to say about his co-star, who plays his former step-mom-to-be, Anika, on the hit musical drama. As People pointed out, during a recent interview with Essense Live, Byers, who plays Andre Lyon on the series, said he favors Anika to his on-screen mom Cookie (Taraji P. Henson).

“There’s something about the realness of Anika,” he said, complimenting the character for being “smart and educated” and her long-term relationship with Luscious Lyon (Terrence Howard). “Some of the circumstances she’s going through seem to really hit hard in my core in regard to what relationships should be and how they fall apart." 

While Gealey and Byers aren’t speaking out about their rumored engagement just yet, they’re not the only “Empire” stars set to tie the knot. Actress Kaitlyn Doubleday, who plays Andre's wife Rhonda on the show, announced her engagement to fiancé Devin Lucien in May. “Cheers to the most memorable night of my life thus far,” Doubleday captioned an Instagram shot of her engagement ring following the announcement.

And despite some fan’s hope to see Henson get cozy with her “Empire” love interest Lucious behind-the-scenes, the actress says there is no chance for a romance. Speaking with Allure magazine last month Henson said she has no desire to date her male co-stars in order to keep things professional. “I didn’t want to blur the lines,” she explained. “This is a job that I have to do. I cannot get caught up in it.”

The cast of “Empire” is currently filming the show’s sophomore installment. The series returns to Fox on Wednesday, Sept. 23.