Paradox Interactive, the developer of "Europa Universalis 4," the next installment in the RTS series, announced that "Europa Universalis 4" will be released on Aug. 13. Pre-orders are currently being accepted for "Europa Universalis 4," which costs $39.99. There's also a Digital Extreme Edition, which costs $44.99. Those who pre-order "Europa Universalis 4" will receive the 100 Years War Unit Pack, as well as two "unannounced DLCs."

The Digital Extreme Edition includes multiple gobs of content. You'll get Star and Crescent, which adds 70 new Muslim event pictures and "several" new Muslim events. You'll also snare the Horsemen of the Crescent Unit Pack, which includes 12 cavalry models for the Ottoman, Mamluk and Persian nations. Lastly, if you grab "Europa Universalis 4 Digital Extreme Edition," you'll also get the Conquest of Constantinople Music Pack, which adds three songs of brand new music composed by Andreas Woldetoft, who composed music for "Europa Universalis 3."

Check out the pre-order trailer for "Europa Universalis 4," below, courtesy of YouTube.

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