Former “Dual Survival” star Cody Lundin didn’t bow out quietly after he was fired in the middle of Season 4. He has continued to speak out on social media, and wrote a cryptic post in March. The message isn’t as mysterious after TMZ claimed Lundin filed a lawsuit against Discovery Channel, and alleged in part of it that then-co-star Joe Teti threatened to kill him.

Lundin wrote about the show’s fakery in a post titled “Dual Deceit.” He wrote:

“I was the first person hired for ‘Dual Surviva’l in 2009. In addition to hosting, I helped develop the context and content of the show from its inception until my firing years later. ‘Dual Survival’ was never meant to have rotating hosts. Current Discovery executive Christo Doyle was also the executive in charge of ‘Dual Surviva’l for season two. He and others participated in the covering up of the Dave Canterbury fraud. Mr. Doyle’s recent Facebook post about cast changes on Dual Survival is not about 'freshening up' the show; it’s about covering up what was happening behind the scenes. My firing, and the subsequent defamatory episode that was cobbled together by Discovery, Original Media, and show runner Brian Nashel in order to explain my absence, was also done to cover up serious issues behind the scenes. This was done after they offered to pay me, and asked me three times to lie to my fan base. I refused. These cover-ups will be exposed, as they always are. Don’t touch that dial.”

For reference, Canterbury was also fired from the series.

Ludin’s post was written more than two months before he allegedly filed a lawsuit against Discovery Channel for ruining his reputation. Lundin claimed producers conned him to throw matches into water, which is something a survivalist would never do.

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