Fabrice Muamba, the young midfielder for England's Bolton Wanderers soccer club, remained in intensive care after the player collapsed from a cardiac episode Saturday night. Muamba was grounded during an FA Cup match at Tottenham when he suffered a severe heart attack. His heart completely stopped and only began beating again when he arrived at a hospital Saturday night. The Telegraph reports it took hospital staff two hours to get Muamba breathing again.

The Bolton club manager Owen Coyle made a statement to members of the media Monday. He thanked the public on behalf of Muamba's family, saying the outpouring of support received has been very helpful in the critical time. He also thanked the media for handling the situation with sensitivity and respect. Watch the entire statement below.

Muamba has a fiance, Shauna Magunda. The two were engaged on Valentine's Day and have a 3-year-old son together. Magunda took to her twitter to plea with Muamba's fans for prayers and support. She tweeted out things like: Fabrice WILL!! Pull through because God is good. Love u so much @fmuamba keep strong we're praying for u honey xx as Muamba recovered in intensive care. Elsewhere, a man was arrested for making racist remarks about Muamba on twitter.

Fabrice Muamba's heart condition is stable, but he remains critically ill in intensive care, the London Chest Hospital wrote in a statement.

The next Bolton matchup--at Aston Villa on Tuesday in the Premier League--has been postponed. Coyle also indicated that practice for the team Monday would be voluntary. Plans for the rest of the club's season remained unclear however, even as the club prepares for potential championship play.