Facebook is getting sensitive over Google+. One might think with 750 million users as Facebook has, that would be enough.

But little ol' Google+, the new social network site in field-testing launch phase from Google, has apparently struck a nerve with its 10 million users and growing fast.

Facebook disabled the account of a user who posted on its social media site an advertisement for his Google+ profile. Michael Lee Johnson says on his Google+ profile that he submitted an ad to Facebook that said, Add Michael to Google+ and If you're lucky enough to have a Google+ account, add Michael Lee Johnson. Internet Geek, App Developer, Technological Virtuoso.

Johnson also says he was running other non-Google+ ads on Facebook, but those were canceled as well with his entire advertising account by Facebook, once his Google+ ads showed up.

I recently ran a Google+ advertisement on Facebook that got all my campaigns suspended -- Great, Johnson wrote on his Google+ profile.

Johnson says Facebook sent him in message in removing the ads and cancelling his advertising contract that read the following:

Your account has been disabled. All of your adverts have been stopped and should not be run again on the site under any circumstances. Generally, we disable an account if too many of its adverts violate our Terms of Use or Advertising guidelines. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive. Please review our Terms of Use and Advertising Guidelines if you have any further questions.

Johnson said he was irritated by Facebook's response, noting the best thing he ever did was cancel his Facebook account, but as the news of his cancellation spread Monday, he still had a Facebook account.

Digital Trends notes this isn't Facebook's first push back attempt at Google+. The company has already banned two services that allowed Plus users to import their Facebook contacts into Google's network, writes Digital Trends. And, with Google+ quickly gaining popularity, this is likely far from the last we'll see in the Facebook vs. Google+ fiasco.

Just last week Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg went private with his settings on Google+ so the public could no longer see how many followers he has on the competitive social network site.

Zuckerberg was the most followed person on Google+ before he changed his privacy settings. Even though Facebook has 750 million users worldwide to Google+'s 10 million, Google+ is receiving strong reviews in field tests and its user number is expected to rapidly grow.

Before Zuckerberg went private he had 35,000 followers. Now, that number is unknown, as his followers are no longer visible now that he's tweaked his privacy settings on Google+.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have also activated privacy settings on their Google+ accounts so the number of followers they have can no longer be tracked. Neither Page nor Brin had as many followers as Zuckerberg, however.

Google+ debuted through an invitation only trial phase in June 28 and since its debut more than 10 million members have joined the social network. That number is expected to increase dramatically in the coming months, as more users are allowed to join the social network.

Already Google has made various changes to Google+ based upon feedback and observations during the early phase of public deployment, and more are expected continually as the network evolves.

Now that Zuckerberg has changed his privacy settings, no longer revealing how many followers he has, statistics show tech blogger Robert Scoble as having the most Google+ followers.