Facebook is seeking an executive to help it cultivate ties to the film and music industry, signaling the company's intention to help media companies bring their content to the social network.

Facebook had discussions with former MTV executive and former MySpace co-President Jason Hirschhorn about a job to lead the company's effort to build relationships with media companies, Reuters reported. The status of the talks is unclear and it wasn't known who else Facebook might have approached about the job.

The move comes as Google and Twitter have launched their own outreach efforts to the media.

They had held the media industry at arm's length for a while. It was: 'We are a platform, come use us all you want but we don't necessarily need to partner with you.' But now the attitude has changed, an unnamed source told Reuters.

Several movie studios have released movies that can be rented and seen on Facebook, including Warner Bros' Big Lebowski and Dark Knight.