The lies are over for the “Faking It” cast. MTV canceled the comedy, forcing the Season 3 finale to be a series finale. While it wasn’t written to be the show’s final hour, creator Carter Covington said that the last episode will give fans a sense of closure.

“I didn’t want the fans to be left literally hanging off a cliff,” Covington told TVLine. “I wanted there to be some sort of resolution. I felt that it was most important for Amy and Karma to be in a good place, and for Amy and Karma to be happy. If we’d ended in a place where Amy was still unhappy, it would have felt very unrewarding.”

Best friends Amy (Rita Volk) and Karma (Katie Stevens) have constantly had relationship troubles since Amy realized her feelings for Karma were more than friendly. The two being happy doesn’t necessarily mean they get together, but it’s certainly better than when the two stopped talking for the whole summer at the end of last season.

[SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know anything about the “Faking It” series finale.]

In the finale, Amy will still be reeling from the revelation that Sabrina (Sophia Taylor Ali) has a boyfriend. However, Sabrina wants Karma to help her get back into Amy’s good graces. “It’s really going to put Karma in the position of, does she hold on to her anger, or does she try to help Amy connect with this person who cares about her,” Covington told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s a new place for Karma to be, to sacrifice her own feelings for the feelings of her friend.”

Still, it doesn’t sound like Karma is going to get together with Amy. In fact, she’ll realize that she has feelings for Amy’s other crush, Felix (Parker Mack). “It’s kind of like in both trying to protect Amy, they’ve both seen the qualities in each other that Amy loves and it makes them attracted to each other,” Covington revealed to TV Insider. “They’re discovering that they have feelings for each other that they didn’t realize.”

Karma and Felix will not be the only ones who made sudden realizations in this episode. Fans should also expect a few surprises along the way. “We have a typical shocking ending of ‘Faking It,’ but it is not typical in that all the cliffhangers are in a weird way happy cliffhangers,” Covington hinted to EW.

The “Faking It” Season 3 finale, which is also the series finale, airs Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. EDT on MTV.