faking it season 3 karma
Karma (Katie Stevens) couldn't convince Amy (Rita Volk, not pictured) to stay in town in the "Faking It" Season 2 finale. MTV

In the “Faking It” Season 2 finale, the MTV comedy had a dramatic ending. Amy (Rita Volk) decided to leave for the summer after Karma (Katie Stevens) kissed her. She decided that going on tour with Reagan’s (Yvette Monreal) band would give her the time and space she needed to get over Karma, but her best friend begged her to stay. Karma wanted to work on their friendship and worried that they wouldn’t survive so much time apart.

Executive producer Carter Covington explained that their relationship will definitely be different when Amy returns in Season 3. “We’re really going to show how Amy is trying to put up boundaries and still keep her friendship with Karma after the summer,” Covington told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s going to be an interesting evolution for her character.”

However, he also teased that Karma hasn’t really evaluated why she kissed Amy. When she remembered the kiss in the finale, she blew it off as a drunken mistake. “I don’t think she’s looking beyond that at why she would do that,” Covington added. “That’s something that we’re going to discuss in Season 3. The fact that they haven’t really gotten much resolution from what that kiss meant.”

That kiss may have actually been more than a drunken mishap, even if Karma hasn’t realized it yet. Katie Stevens pointed out that her character was very careful with choosing her words in the final scene. “It’s hard because, if you notice, Karma doesn’t say that [the kiss] doesn’t mean anything. She just says that she can’t say that it means something,” Stevens explained to MTV. “So I think that that’s the hard thing because she wants to keep Amy there and keep her with her and try to prevent her from leaving for the summer. And she can’t do the one thing that is going to keep her here.”

Once Karma starts thinking about why she kissed Amy, she might start to see their relationship differently. Covington revealed that he wants the character to finally start questioning if she and Amy could ever be more than friends, but they might not get there in “Faking It” Season 3.

“I’ve always believed that Karma is not as introspective as Amy, and she hasn’t looked at her strong affection and love for Amy in any other light than a friendship,” Covington told TVLine. “I really want to get to a point where she does look at that -- and then we can figure out what that means for her. I have in my head an idea of how I’d like for all of that to unfold, so I’m just hoping we have the episodes to do it.”

“Faking It” Season 3 will premiere in 2016 on MTV. Do you want Karma and Amy to get together in Season 3? Sound off in the comments section below!