The world of “Fallout 4” may be the vastest of the series to date. Bethesda’s Jeff Gardiner, “Fallout 4” lead producer, revealed after 400 hours of playing “Fallout 4,” there are still a lot of things and areas he has never seen, Gamespresso reports. This may be due in part to the crafting system that is more expanded than in any previous “Fallout” titles.

Besides exploration, players can also indulge in extensive crafting to improve different areas of the Wasteland. Weapons and armors can also be customized, so the vast expanse of choices and customization options do add to the time and the variety of features that can be experienced in “Fallout 4.”

The complex crafting system now also improves on the scavenging experience. With crafting, players can now flag the items they are missing. When they are on a scavenging hunt, missing items that have been flagged will be identified.

With all of the new features and offers Bethesda has teased, “Fallout 4” is one of the most-anticipated titles coming out this year. With this kind of attention, the interest in preordering the game is also heightened.

Recently, Bethesda has announced that the much-coveted preorder featuring a real-life Pip-Boy will no longer be available since the production ceiling has been reached. Still, there are other preorders that are open to players, and one in particular offers the bonus of a cool theme.

Game Idealist reports a digital preorder of “Fallout 4” via the PlayStation Store will give players the Garage theme for the PS4’s system menu. This is a good addition for fans who have yet to get a preorder bundle for the title, as it’s an exclusive theme currently only available via the U.S. PlayStation Store.

“Fallout 4” will be released Nov. 10 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The latter two platforms are already confirmed to come with mod support.

"Fallout 4" gameplay trailer (Credit: YouTube/YongYea)