Justin Bieber must pay his bodyguards well, as they were more than accommodating during his latest trip to China. While there, they made sure to head to the Great Wall of China, and apparently Bieber was too tired to walk the historic site. So instead, he had his bodyguards carry him on their shoulders.

A photo of Bieber’s latest antics was posted on Twitter and immediately sent the social media world into a frenzy. Some people applauded the 19-year-old singer, while others were completely baffled.

“I can’t even. Seriously, does his mother hang her head in shame?” one commenter said.  “Oh Justin Bieber…I just don’t get it. How, as an adult, could you have possibly even thought this was okay? Are you injured? Is that why you couldn’t walk? Or did you really somehow rationalize this in that little brain of yours? Also, did you not see the people with cameras who were probably foaming at the mouth with excitement to sell these photos of you acting like a toddler? Oh, Justin Bieber…” another reader said.

Others, most likely huge Bieber fans, saw nothing wrong. “I find it completely acceptable and prince-like that Bieber got carried across the Great Wall of China,” said a female on Twitter. “Justin Bieber has bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China…A round of applause please,” said another woman.

After getting to the top, Bieber made sure to post a photo of himself alongside his entourage, celebrating their accomplishment. He was standing on his own two feet for this photo.


The work of the bodyguards did not end with carrying him up the wall, however. Pictures were also taken of the bodyguards jogging after Bieber as he skateboarded through the streets of Beijing.

The “Beauty and a Beat” artist is currently in China for his "Believe" tour.