John Green, the author behind the best-selling 2012 teen novel “The Fault in Our Stars,” has kept quiet regarding the leak of the film’s first official trailer, but not all members of the highly-anticipated film adaptation are being so hush-hush.

Ansel Elgort, the breakout actor who is set to star as Augustus Waters in film, has already beat out his co-star, actress Shailene Woodley, in sharing his excitement over the success of the film’s first official trailer release this week. “tfios trailer is out now!!!!... wow…just wow [sic],” the 19-year-old actor posted on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. Prior to the trailer’s official release from 20th Century Fox, Elgort spoke out regarding the leaked version of the two-minute, thirty-second trailer which starting making its rounds on the Web Monday. While some of Green’s fans (deemed "nerdfighters") have already shared their displeasure over the leak, Elgort chose to laugh off the flub.

“Can’t wait for the full one in HD tomorrow (not a bad recording of one w letters across it lmao),” Elgort posted late Tuesday in reference to the leaked clip which showcases highly noticeable watermarked scenes.

Despite Elgort's excitment over the trailer's release, the promo showcases identical scenes from the leaked clip including many of the acting duo's on-screen smooches and even a brief look at (spoiler alert) their trip to Amsterdam, as well as several other romantic moments. According to Elgort, the trailer is rumored to make its premiere in theaters on Feb. 7. The film will make its debut feature debut in U.S. theaters on June 6.

The leak marks the second controversy for the romance drama. The film first made headlines after releasing its official poster in December, some fans slamming the filmmakers for the tagline—“One Sick Love Story”— which was considered controversial due the film’s cancer-heavy storyline. Following the backlash, Woodley spoke out regarding the tagline, telling Entertainment Weekly that it wasn’t a marketing campaign she would have chosen “by any means.”

“The Fault in Our Stars” follows the story of stage 4 thyroid-cancer-stricken teen, Hazel Water (Woodley) and her worldwide romance with a formerly ill teen, Augustus “Gus “ Waters (Elgort.) The original story is written by famous YouTuber and Indiana-based author, John Green.