Ten years is a long time to go without any kind of website upgrade -- and the FCC acknowledged that recently by rolling out a new version of FCC.gov.

The agency announced the change to bring the website more in line with 21st century designs. It is the first major change of the FCC's website in ten years and it includes interactive web 2.0 technologies. If users want to test their broadband connection, they can. If they want to see a map of spectrum throughout the country, they can.

The site is available for viewing today at http://beta.fcc.gov.

The new website is part of FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's initiative to make the government organization more multimedia friendly. This has included blogs, video, audio and social media implementation.

This FCC is empowering consumers and businesses to get the most out of technology. The launch of the new FCC.gov keeps us at the forefront of innovation, and delivers on our promise to move at the speed of high-tech change, said Genachowski.

The website was built in the cloud, says the FCC, and developed with open source software. A company by the name of MetroStar said it helped the FCC put the website content and applications in the cloud.

The FCC said the site was shaped by feedback from users. FCC.gov managing editor, Steven VanRoekel, said the website responsds to the call from President Obama to have the government be more open.

Online innovators have built destinations that deliver outstanding experiences, high-quality products and great customer service. That's what consumers and businesses expect online, and it's what makes the web great. Traditionally, dot-govs have struggled to keep up with rapidly changing technology, VanRoekel said.