Season 2 of “Fear the Walking Dead” is going to be intense, assuming its new trailer is anything to go by. AMC recently released another teaser video for the series’ sophomore season showing the survivors encountering a large horde of walkers, making it to a yacht and then discovering a new place they believe to be a safe haven.

Watch the action-packed trailer, and then check out the following four things you may have missed.

Saying Goodbye to Liza

In the 30-second clip, Christopher (Lorenzo James Henrie) is seen kissing his mother Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez) on the forehead. At the end of Season 1, Travis (Cliff Curtis) had to shoot Liza because she had been bitten by a walker. It looks like the group will have a chance to say their goodbyes to her pretty early on when the show returns.

Madison’s Ominous Message

The trailer kicks off with Madison (Kim Dickens) reciting a few lines that could definitely hint at what’s in store for the group of survivors, and it doesn’t sound good. As scenes flash across the screen, Madison says: “To kill the monster, you have to become the monster. Stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back. It is alive, it is hungry and it devours.”

Walkers May Not Be the Only Threats

At one point in the trailer, Travis and the other survivors finally make it to Victor Strand’s (Colman Domingo) boat. Their plan is to sail away from his mansion and find another place, presumably an island that is free of zombies. Because this is “Fear the Walking Dead,” it’s safe to say their plan won’t unfold as expected. While on the yacht, the survivors run across a group of people packed onto a raft. It appears the newbies are in need of some help. Another scene in the trailer shows Travis fighting off a walker that somehow found its way into the water.

New Location

The teaser video shows the group making it to a new location, but there’s already zombies roaming around. It’s clear that if the group’s members want to make this new place home, they will have to fight for it.

“Fear the Walking Dead” showrunner Dave Erickson previously teased that the characters will definitely run into some trouble in the second season.

“So we will encounter people that have different agendas than we do out on the water. And then when we try to escape those dangers and go to land, we’re going to encounter people who are interested in trying to get to sea as well,” Erickson told Entertainment Weekly. “And the great thing about our yacht, the Abigail — we’ll come to learn in the first episode that there are a lot of great elements to this boat that would make it attractive to people. And that’s going to become a problem as we move forward as well.”

“Fear the Walking Dead” returns for Season 2 on AMC April 10, after the Season 6 finale of “The Walking Dead.”