With “The Walking Dead” Season 6 in full swing, “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2 is still months away from premiering. However, that isn’t stopping AMC from teasing fans with another brand new teaser video for the show’s return. 

The latest trailer, posted below, comes courtesy of Yahoo TV. In it, we catch up with our survivors both on land and on the water. When we last left the intrepid heroes, they had just escaped the National Guard’s facility to a yacht owned by the enigmatic Victor Strand (Coleman Domingo). While the first teaser trailer for the new season highlighted the dangers of life on the water, the latest showcases the dangers on land. The teaser opens with Travis (Cliff Curtis) inspecting a fenced-off area of the beach, seemingly ensuring no walkers tear the barrier down. 

Elsewhere in the trailer, his girlfriend Madison (Kim Dickens) is seen running from the water to the shore holding what appears to be some survival supplies. It seems that the survivors on “Fear the Walking Dead” will quickly learn that they can’t simply survive on the water without constant trips for food, weapons and more.

Then again, there’s a simpler explanation for the decision to venture outside the safe haven of Strand’s yacht. The previous teaser video showed a raft full of survivors pleading with our group to help them. This trailer appears to show those same survivors storming the ship with assault rifles. It’s unclear exactly what is happening without any context, but it’s possible that the trailer’s main title is correct and there is “no safe harbor” in the zombie apocalypse. 

So far, this video offers the most information about Season 2 that fans have received so far. AMC is keeping details about its “The Walking Dead” companion series under wraps. However, it was previously reported that the cast will expand with the addition of two new cast members. According to Deadline, “It Follows” star Daniel Zovatto and “Ride Along 2” actor Arturo Del Puerto will be joining the show . In addition, the web series “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462,” which fans may have noticed debuting minute-long installments throughout commercial breaks of “The Walking Dead” Season 6, will help round out the cast as well. A single surviving member from the plane storyline will make his or her way to the main cast of Season 2 when it premieres in April. 

In the meantime, fans can check out the latest teaser, below, to satiate their “Fear the Walking Dead” appetite ahead of the companion series’ return. Comment below or tweet your thoughts on the video to @TylerMcCarthy.