With “The Walking Dead” setting up one of its most exciting finale episodes to date, “Fear the Walking Dead” is preparing an adventure of its own when it returns the following week for Season 2 on April 10. With the AMC show expected to take a decidedly different tone than its companion series, fans everywhere are wondering what they can expect from the program's sophomore season.  

Speaking to the Independent Tuesday, Kim Dickens, who pays Madison Clark on the spinoff show, got down to brass tacks and revealed the key struggle that the characters will face throughout Season 2. The show will shift from “The Walking Dead,” where its characters are more than six years into the apocalypse and murder their way to the top of the food chain. Dickens revealed that the season premiere will pick up mere hours after the Season 1 finale, with the group still finding shelter at the mansion of Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). As a result, the characters are hardened by the events of Season 1 but still not ready to abandon their humanity. 

“The characters will be more and more challenged,” Dickens said. “Because of the honest storytelling, we’re going to see characters evolve and devolve in different ways as we imagine people would in an end-of-the-world scenario. So we explore all of that -- our struggle to hold onto morality and humanity, the struggle to define coherence, as well as learning how to adjust your moral compass.”

Earlier seasons of “The Walking Dead” got a lot of mileage out of characters that weren’t ready to abandon the old way of the world, and it seems that the spinoff will force its characters down a similar road of trials. However, that doesn’t mean “Fear the Walking Dead” will cover already well-tread territory. As previously reported, the show will make its way to the high seas by way of Strand’s yacht, Abigail. As the preview trailers for the show’s return have proven, the bulk of the new episodes will see the survivors try their hand at escaping the mainland while it’s torn apart by zombies. Producer Gale Anne Hurd previously said that they challenged themselves to find danger on the water in an effort to silence “The Walking Dead” fans who saw the setting too easy to survive in. 

“We all know what we’re in for. We’re out at sea, and we’re not the only ones out there, basically,” actor Cliff Curtis told the Huffington Post. “There’s a whole bunch of people who have the same idea as us. I’m having a great time with the new script. There’s no more slow burn. That’s done with. And a lot more going on.” 

But that doesn’t mean the entire story will see the survivors scuffling with other seaworthy hopefuls. As a recently released international trailer shows, the group will do its fair share of adventuring on land when the time comes to revisit some of the last living people in Los Angeles.