As AMC’s “The Walking Dead” draws Season 6 to a close, all eyes are now turned to its spinoff series “Fear the Walking Dead.” To get fans excited for the return of the prequel show, the network has released every installment of its connected web series “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462.”

“Flight 462” follows the exploits of a group of airline passengers as they slowly discover that one of them is infected with the zombie virus. New episodes have premiered during commercial breaks of “The Walking Dead” during Season 6. As savvy fans know, the episodes also debuted on the official AMC mobile app six days early, which explains why the network released the finale on its website ahead of Sunday’s season finale.

“Flight 462” opens with a young boy named Jake (Brendan Meyer) talking to his mom on the phone while staring at the LAX runway from the plane’s window. She tells him that all the seats were taken and she’ll have to meet him and his father when he touches down in Phoenix, Arizona. While they talk, it becomes clear that his mom is trying to hide the fact that the airport is falling into chaos as a mysterious flu starts to spread throughout the country.

Meanwhile, a very sick-looking man in the seat next to him starts complaining to the flight attendant that they haven’t taken off yet. Feeling the rush of the passengers panicking, the captain starts to take off. As soon as the passengers are free to move about the cabin, the sick man rushes past everyone and locks himself in the bathroom, where it sounds like he's vomiting. His wife tries to convince the rest of the plane that he suffers from reflux, but a mysterious woman named Charlie (Michelle Ang) starts to ask very poignant questions about how long he’s been sick, prompting the wife to shut down.

Eventually, the plane starts to make its decent into Phoenix. When it does, the flight attendant is forced to tell the man, who is still in the bathroom, to return to his seat for the landing. As a bang comes from the inside of the stall, Jake notices the entire city below start to go dark and lose power. Charlie gets up and warns against opening the stall door, apparently knowing the occupant inside might be a zombie. However, her b-line to the front of the plane forces an air marshal, who was disguised as one of the passengers, to make his presence known. With his permission, the attendant unlocks the door and the man’s body falls out. They try to administer CPR, but it’s no use. He dies just as the unknowing captain gets on the intercom and explains to the plane that they cannot land in Phoenix and must turn back to LAX.

While the people groan at their latest inconvenience, things get real as the man’s corpse reanimates and starts attacking everyone nearby. The air marshal manages to push him back inside the bathroom and lock the door, but not before he lands a bite on the attendant’s wrist. Charlie tells her to get on the intercom and tell he pilot to land immediately, but it won’t be that simple. Having suffered a bite from a man that literally came back from the dead, she abandons her training and tells everyone that there’s no runway available for them to land.

Although the plane is in serious danger, they have the situation contained for the time being, which means that they’re overdue for someone to do something really stupid. Sure enough, the man’s wife opens the door in an attempt to rescue, what she thinks is, her sick husband. He leaps out of his make-shift cell and takes a big bite out of her neck. The marshal empties his pistol at the walker, but he’s bad at his job so none of the bullets hit the head. Charlie, with help of Jake and knitting needle, takes care of the walker for him. Just for good measure, she also takes out his wife before she has a chance to turn. Just when it looks like the situation is finally handled for good, they realize that their landing is going to happen one way or another. They look at a nearby window to see that one of the marshal’s rounds broke the glass.

The cabin destabilizes and the plane starts careening for the streets of Los Angeles. For some reason, Charlie takes special care of Jake, helping him strap into his seat and get his oxygen mask on. Realizing this might be her final moments on earth, she admits to him that she’s the reason his mom isn’t with him in that moment. Apparently, she grabbed the last ticket on the flight, which stranded his mother at LAX. She vows that Jake will see his family again and they brace for impact.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Nick (Frank Dillane) from “Fear the Walking Dead” is seen looking up at the sky as the plane flies dangerously low over the city. Sadly, that’s where this very long journey ends — for now. As previously reported, one surviving member of “Flight 462” will make his or her way to the cast of the companion series’ Season 2. Presumably, that’s where the fate of “Flight 462” and its characters will be revealed.

Fans will just have to pay extra attention when the show returns to AMC on April 10. Until then, the network cut together the entire 16-part saga in one long video which can be viewed here.

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