Sunday’s installment of the AMC series left off with Madison (Kim Dickens) returning to the hotel after leaving to get medication for Strand (Colman Domingo). Instead of going to check on her friend, Madison ran up to the roof of the building to turn on the lights, hopeful that her son Nick (Frank Dillane) would see it and come find her. Nick didn’t spot the lights — but Travis (Cliff Curtis) did!

Fans of “Fear the Walking Dead” haven’t caught up with Travis and his son Chris (Lorenzio James Henrie) in some time. When we last left them they had joined a group of Americans, but ran into a bit of danger at a farm. The owner of the farm confronted them about being on his land, and Chris retaliated by shooting him. The ending in episode 12 appeared to show Travis alone, hinting that he split from his son.

The promo video for episode 13, titled “Date of Death,” will show viewers what happened after Chris shot the man. Based on the video, it appears as if the Americans have a newfound respect for Chris. However, the same can’t be said for Travis. Despite wanting to protect his son, it looks as if he’s in more danger by staying with him.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Madison will have to deal with the consequences of turning on the lights when “a large number of refugees flood into the hotel.” There is no way that they can let them all onto the grounds, however, the synopsis teases that the group will include “someone familiar but unexpected.”

Could that familiar face be Travis? Or could Chris possibly show up with his new group? It would also be a shock to meet up with Daniel (Rubén Blades) again — after all, we never saw his body after the fire!

“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, episode 13 will air on AMC on Sunday, Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. EDT.