Fear the Walking Dead
Nick (Frank Dillane) decided to go off on his own in the Season 2 midseason finale of “Fear the Walking Dead.” Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC

Do you remember where “Fear the Walking Dead” left off? The AMC companion series to “The Walking Dead” aired its midseason finale in late May and finally returns to the small screen on Sunday, August 21. Since only a few episodes remain in Season 2, the show will immediately jump right back into the zombie apocalypse drama in episode 8. But where did we last leave the survivors in episode 7?

Strand (Colman Domingo) was supposed to commit suicide to be with his dead lover, Thomas (Dougray Scott). Instead of killing himself, he used a gun to shoot Thomas in the head, preventing him from returning as a zombie. His decision resulted in Celia (Marlene Forte) banishing Strand, as well as Madison (Kim Dickens) and the others, from the compound. They could stay to bury Thomas, but they had to be gone by sundown.

Madison was fine with Celia’s decision, but Nick (Frank Dillane) wanted to stay. He liked that Celia viewed the dead differently. In an effort to get her to change her mind, Nick returned to the Abigail where they left her zombie son. Happy to be reunited with him, Celia told Nick that his family could stay at the compound. However, she warned Nick that they would have to change the way they look at the dead.

As all of this was happening at the compound, Travis (Cliff Curtis) was out searching for his son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie). Chris wasn’t adapting well to the zombie apocalypse, and started displaying some disturbing behavior after his mother’s death. Travis found Chris hiding out inside the home of other survivors, who he was holding at gunpoint. Although horrified to see his son acting that way, Travis wasn’t ready to give up on him. He decided that the best way to care for Chris would be for them to go out on their own. Travis explained his choice to Nick, who had went out searching for him and Chris. He made Nick promise to tell Madison that he couldn’t find them, not that they abandoned her.

Nick began making his way back to the compound with the bad news, but things were already falling apart there. Afraid of Celia’s hold on her son, Madison locked the woman inside a cell with undead family members. Daniel ( Rubén Blades ) sealed Celia’s fate — and his own — when he entered the cell with a tank of gasoline. Hallucinating his dead wife and others he killed in the past, Daniel set the building on fire. He never made it out.

Madison, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Ophelia (Mercedes Mason) were forced to leave when the whole compound went up in flames. Strand, who had previously fled the compound, returned to help his friends. However, Madison wasn’t ready to leave without Nick and Travis. Nick ended up returning and told his mom about not being able to find Travis. But he didn’t get in the car with his family. Blaming his mother for destroying everything, the episode ended with Nick choosing to walk among the dead rather than join the others. Strand forced Madison into the car, and the group drove away.

“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, episode 8 will air on AMC on Sunday, August 21 at 9 p.m. EDT.