The Colonia might not be as safe as Alejandro says it is.

“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, episode 12 begins with a man sneaking his family out of the community. He explains to his wife that they are no longer safe there. However, they face immediate danger once they pass the wall.

Two gang members from the supermarket spot the family. Although they are covered in blood to protect themselves from the walkers, the gang recognizes the man as one of the Oxy delivery guys from the Colonia. They want more drugs and answers about the safe haven — but he’s not ready to give that up.

Episode 12 of the AMC series then cuts to a character that fans haven’t seen in weeks — Ofelia (Mercedes Mason)! It’s revealed that she was the person who stole Strand’s (Colman Domingo) truck. And she has a good reason for doing so. A flashback reveals that she’s trying to get to New Mexico to reunite with Will, her ex-fiancé.

Viewers will remember that Ofelia opened up about Will to Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). She explained how she was previously engaged, but that she couldn’t follow her fiancé to New Mexico because of her family. Now that both of her parents are dead, Ofelia is ready to make the move. But is Will still alive? And how will she be able to find him in New Mexico?

Meanwhile, at the hotel, everyone is working together to make it a safe and functioning place to stay. With the generator they’re able to make ice, and some of the men are able to catch fish to eat for dinner. Things are going so well that Alicia is even taking surfing lessons from Hector (Ramses Jimenez). However, nothing good ever lasts. Strand answers a knock at the door and is stabbed in the gut by Ilene (Brenda Strong), the mother of the bride. She’s grieving her daughter and blames Strand for taking her away from her.

Madison (Kim Dickens) into action, and another hotel guest with a few years of med school under his belt provides a good diagnosis. No organs were punctured, but Strand still needs some medication to help him heal. Fortunately, Elena (Karen Bethzabe) knows of a place where they can get the medication. Madison and Oscar (Andres Londono) accompany Elena on the drug run. As for Ilene? She’s now a prisoner at the hotel. Madison makes it clear that violence will not be tolerated, and the next person to commit a violent act will be tossed out of the hotel.

The Colonia Nick (Frank Dillane) is staying at isn’t dealing with violence, but Alejandro (Paul Calderon) is acting very strange. He’s furious to find out that one of their people snuck out of the community, and fear that others will follow. He’s so paranoid about losing people that he refuses to let Luciana (Danay Garcia) complete the Oxy run. Nick argues that the gang will come looking for them if they don’t deliver the supply, but Alejandro doesn’t care. He addresses the rest of the community, encouraging them not to lose their faith and to stand strong with him. Luciana is committed to following Alejandro, but Nick not so much. He pulls aside another community member and asks him to sneak out later to make the trade for water with the Oxy.

What Nick doesn’t know is that his mom is actually at the supermarket with the gang. They’re the ones that have the medication that Strand needs, and Elena’s nephew is part of the group. The gang is willing to make the trade for the medication in exchange for ice and fish, however, things turn sour when Madison overhears one of the gang members interrogating a man. The man is actually the Colonia resident who escaped. She thinks that the “gringo with the ratty hair” that they’re talking about is Nick — and she’s right. Unfortunately she can’t get any answers out of them. Elena’s nephew encourages them to leave before the situation turns violent.

The episode ends with Elena, Madison and Oscar returning to the hotel with the drugs. But Strand is no longer Madison’s number one concern. Madison rushes to turn the generator on and get the lights on top of the building working. She’s hoping that will be enough to catch Nick’s attention. Alicia chases after her, desperate to stop her mom before they catch some unwanted attention. She begs her mom to let go of Nick, asking why she’s not good enough for her. That gets Madison to cut the lights — but not before Travis (Cliff Curtis) spots it. The twist is that Travis appears to have left Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) behind.

Episode 12 sets up some juicy storylines for next week. Ofelia is now headed towards the U.S. border. Meanwhile, the gang members have found the Colonia. Expect a bloody confrontation between the two groups.

FTWD 2 Danger approaches Nick (Frank Dillane) and the Colonia in episode 12 of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2. Photo: AMC/ Richard Foreman Jr