Although it’s been almost a week since the Season 1 finale of “Fear the Walking Dead,” no one is quite ready to stop talking about it -- including series creator Robert Kirkman. The comic book author appeared at New York Comic Con Thursday to talk all things “Walking Dead,” and talked a bit about what fans can expect from Season 2. 

Those that watched the finale episode will know that [SPOILER ALERT] the series set up a nautical theme for Season 2. After the survivors escaped the National Guard’s militarized compound, they retreat to their new friend’s mansion and prepare to ride out the apocalypse on his luxury yacht. Fortunately, Kirkman wanted to make sure the crowd at Comic Con knew that the confined setting wouldn’t make for a boring season of bottle episodes. 

“Just because it’s going to be taking place on the boat doesn’t mean it’s going to be taking place on the boat all the time,” he said. “There’s a lot of reason to get off the boat.” 

It looks like Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Madison (Kim Dickens) will have to lead their intrepid group of survivors on some runs back to land in the zombie-filled civilization. Then again, perhaps the mysterious stranger known as Strand (Colman Domingo) will have enemies that know about his boat. Whatever the case, it seems like Kirkman wants to ensure, above all, the companion series seizes its opportunity to explore what “The Walking Dead” couldn’t with characters like Glenn (Steven Yeun).

“The main thing I wanted to do was explore. It always bugged me how in ‘The Walking Dead,’ in episode 4 of Season 1, which I wrote, they come back to the camp and Glenn has a shotgun and just starts shooting zombies. We never got to show how this pizza boy became OK with shooting a shotgun at a zombie.” 

Fans have already seen this trajectory in Travis, who wrapped up Season 1 by showing that he only plays the part of the pacifist for diplomacy purposes. As soon as someone in his group was threatened, he pounced with a ferocity normally reserved for the Rick Grimes of the world. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until 2016 to see what the sea has in store for the characters on “Fear the Walking Dead.”