Fear the Walking Dead
"Fear the Walking Dead" characters Nick (Frank Dillane, left) and Strand (Colman Domingo, right), pictured here escaping walkers in episode 6, made it through the finale episode but left several key questions unanswered. AMC

AMC bet big on its companion series to “The Walking Dead” with the six-episode run of “Fear the Walking Dead.” Season 1 concluded Sunday and set up the general direction that its already-promised second season will deliver. However, with the “Fear” characters not returning until 2016, there’s still quite a lot to talk about from the finale.

Episode 6 saw Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Madison (Kim Dickens) lead their intrepid group of survivors on a daring rescue mission into the heart of the National Guard’s medical compound. In episode 4, the military came in and rounded up everyone that might be sick in an effort to contain the outbreak. However, once the survivors learned of the government’s “Cobalt” strategy, they knew they had to go and bust their loved ones out. While their mission [SPOILER ALERT] was somewhat successful, say for the loss of Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez), the adventure still left fans with many questions. Below is a rundown of the top nine questions left behind from the “Fear the Walking Dead” finale.

1. Is Everyone In The L.A. Safe Zone Dead?

It was previously mentioned that there were roughly 11 non-military citizens living in the National Guard controlled safe zone of Travis and Madison’s neighborhood. After the military left it abandoned, it’s unclear if anyone but the survivors that headed to the compound are still alive. Madison notices some neighbors that don’t know what’s coming, but they’re not enough to motivate her or the rest of the group to close the gate to the community after they leave. For all anyone knows, the new group doomed the remaining five souls left in town with their utter laziness.

2. Why Does Liza Have So Much Clearance?

Although the situation in Los Angeles is messed up beyond all repair, there has got to be more than one doctor and one nurse alive in the zombie apocalypse. Despite her admittedly limited training as a nurse, Dr. Exner (Sandrine Holt) continues to give Liza prime placement as though she’s a VIP doctor in the world government. Her key-card opens all doors, she’s able to secure a place for her and her family in the evacuation helicopter and she’s given the duty of euthanizing infected patients. It just seems like a lot for a nurse that was still cracking the books when she was introduced in episode 1.

3. Why Does Strand Save Nick?

It became clear last week that the mysterious suit-wearing man known only as Strand (Colman Domingo) had a big plan to get out of his holding cell at the military’s compound. It turns out that he simply needed to wait until the military was distracted to use they key he bribed off a guard. When the same guard was about to take Nick (Frank Dillane) away, presumably to his death, Strand made a deal to rescue him and include him when the time comes to make a break for it. Unfortunately, the guard in question was murdered and it turns out his plan was simply to use him to escape, which begs the question – why did Strand go so far out of his way to save Nick if he didn’t need him for any specific purpose?

4. How Did Daniel Wrangle The Biggest Herd Ever?

The Season 1 finale saw one of the biggest zombie herds ever depicted on either this or “The Walking Dead.” Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) casually strolled them to the gates of the military compound, but there was no explanation as to how he did that. Perhaps it was his sheer charm? Or the promise of a free haircut to every zombie that worked with him?

5. What Became Of The Rest Of The Prisoners?

Although Strand and Nick leave all the rest of their imprisoned allies to die, Madison and Travis take the time to free them as the compound is being overrun by zombies. While the audience sees the military crumble under the weight of the herd, nothing is mentioned of the survivors. The only reason the group makes it out OK is because they’re made aware of a secret door that can bring them outside. Were the rest of the survivors not so lucky?

6. Is Dr. Exner Dead?

It would certainly be a stretch if it turns out she’s still alive, but fans never actually saw Exner die. She stayed behind to mercy kill the sick that the military refused to evacuate, but didn’t want to survive beyond that. Seeing the metaphorical writing on the wall, Exner sends the others away and appears to take the air gun to herself just after the survivors leave her alone, but nothing is ever shown for certain.

7. Is Adams Dead?

Another long-shot, but he’s nothing if not resilient. After Daniel tortured him for information about “Cobalt,” Andrew Adams (Shawn Hatosy) returned at the worst possible time to seek revenge. Rather than shoot Daniel, he opts to fire at his daughter, Ofelia (Mercedes Mason). Luckily, he misses. Not-so-luckily for him, Travis tackles him to the ground and lays on a vicious beating before Madison pulls him off. The last we see of Adams, he’s gurgling up blood on the floor and the group appears to simply drive off and leave him there to either bleed out or be discovered by walkers. So, Travis is a straight up murderer now, right?

8. Why Is Strand So Rich?

There are nice houses, and then there’s Strand’s opulent mansion. He has luxury cars, fancy glass walls and a cavalcade of sharp suits in his closet. It’s unclear who this man is or what he does for a living, but he was clearly living very well off before the zombie apocalypse kicked off. In fact, he’s even got a luxury super yacht named Abigail that he plans to ride out the apocalypse on.

9. Is That Ship Empty?

It wasn’t like it was docked at a marina or something like that. Strand’s boat is just anchored in the middle of the water a swimable distance from his house. Anyone with half a brain knows that living on the water is probably one of the best ways to avoid becoming a casualty in a zombie apocalypse. The question now is simply: did anyone beat them to the yacht? Unfortunately, fans will just have to wait until “Fear the Walking Dead” returns for Season 2 to find out for sure.