“Fear the Walking Dead” fans are not going to want to miss next Sunday. Season 2 of the AMC series will come to a close on Oct. 2 with a dramatic two-hour finale.

Episode 13 focused on Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), filling viewers in on how Travis became separated from his son. In a shocking twist it was revealed that Chris chose to abandon his father, and follow his new American friends, Brandon (Kelly Blatz) and Derek (Kenny Wormald), to San Diego. Travis ended up reuniting with Madison (Kim Dickens) at the hotel. However, he was emotionally unstable after losing his son.

Episodes 14 and 15, titled “Wrath” and “North,” will serve as the two-hour finale. The installment will find Travis coming face-to-face with Brandon and Derek at the hotel — but Chris doesn’t appear to be with them. A promo video for the final episode shows the two Americans beat up and being escorted out of the parking garage by Oscar (Andres Londono) and Andrés (Raul Casso). Did Travis attack them for doing something to Chris? Or did Brandon and Derek mess with the wrong survivors in the parking garage?

That won’t be the only drama going down at the hotel. Something will happen that will make Strand (Colman Domingo) throw out the “old rules of conduct.” In fact, he tells the others that they need to run. Another scene shows a car busting through the gates of the hotel.

What will force the group to leave their safe haven? The gang from the supermarket appears in another clip. They’re armed with guns and look as if they’re ready to attack. It’s unclear if they’re outside the hotel, or the Colonia.

Speaking of the Colonia, Nick might be going on the run as well. He begs Luciana (Danay Garcia) to leave with him, but it doesn’t look like she’s willing to abandon Alejandro (Paul Calderon). That might trigger something in Nick. Another quick shot from the promo video shows someone using drugs.

Finally, “Fear the Walking Dead” viewers will get to see how far Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) got. When we last saw her she was heading towards the U.S. border with the intent of trying to find her ex-fiancé in New Mexico. The promo video shows her fighting off some wasted.

The “Fear The Walking Dead” two-hour finale will air on AMC on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. EDT.