Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) hatches a plan to get rid of the walkers at the hotel in episode 11 of “Fear the Walking Dead.” Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC

“Fear the Walking Dead” last left off with Alicia reuniting with her mom after almost getting attacked by walkers. But how did Madison and Strand get to safety in the hotel? That’s where episode 11 of the AMC series picks up.

Madison (Kim Dickens) and Strand (Colman Domingo) were initially trapped behind the bar in the hotel lobby. With no way out, the two took a page from Nick’s (Frank Dillane) book and covered themselves in walker blood. The blood was able to mask their scent, allowing them to slowly navigate their way through the overrun lobby.

Unfortunately, that’s where their luck ran out. They headed outside to find their truck missing. Strand thought that Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) took off with it, but Madison knew her daughter would never leave without her. Not willing to give up on her, Madison convinced Strand to climb some scaffolding and hide in another building until they could make a new game plan. The two of them were about to set up camp for the night when they heard banging on a door — and that’s how they reunited with Alicia.

Episode 11 cuts to Nick at the Colonia. The little girl he stole a snack cake for is still crying over her dead father, and Nick knows that he has to do something to help the people. He goes to Alejandro (Paul Calderon) to pitch a plan to help the community — he wants to double their supply of oxycodone to trade by cutting it with dry milk. As a junkie, Nick knows that the gang will be too focused on the immediate high to realize that the drugs have been tampered with. Alejandro’s not so certain, but he’s willing to give it a shot.

Nick is about to leave with the tampered drugs when Alejandro stops to tell him a story. When the outbreak first happened, there was a young man at the Colonia very similar to Nick. He was a druggie who was mistaken for one of the dead. The townspeople attacked the man and Alejandro tried to protect him. He was bit in the process, and rescued by Luciana (Danay Garcia), who took him back to the infirmary to die. Alejandro explains that he waited for death — but it never came. He makes Nick promise to be careful and come back safe.

Nick returns to find that Alejandro has secured him a trailer as a way of thanking him for giving the Colonia the gift of more time. It’s a kind gesture that Nick appreciates. Luciana visits his trailer later that evening and finds him reading a Spanish dictionary. He’s making an effort to truly make this place his home and communicate with his new family.

Luciana falls asleep at his place and wakes in a panic. She doesn’t want the people in town to talk, but passionately kisses Nick before she leaves.

Madison (Kim Dickens) goes to talk to the other hotel guests in episode 11 of “Fear the Walking Dead.” Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Alicia fills Madison and Strand in on Ofelia. Madison made a promise to Daniel (Rubén Blades) and wants to go after Ofelia. However, Alicia stops her. She tells her mom that Ofelia chose to go and that there is nothing they can do for her now. Plus, they have other things to worry about. The hotel guests have Elena’s (Karen Bethzabe) keys now, which means that they have access to enough food to feed them for months. Madison is tired of running and wants to make the hotel their home. But that involves working together with the hotel guests in order to stay safe. The problem is that they want Elena dead.

Madison and Strand set up a meeting with Oscar (Andres Londono), who appears to be the leader of the hotel guests. She explains that the hotel has everything that they need to survive, and that they need to work together. Oscar — who hasn’t been outside the hotel since the virus spread — seems open to the idea. However, his mother-in-law, Ilene (Brenda Strong) is dead set on one thing — Elena can’t stay. Madison tries to argue that Elena thought she was doing the right thing by locking the doors of the banquet hall, but the woman is still grieving over her daughter.

Not willing to give up, Madison tells them that they’re staying no matter what. They’re going to clear out the dead and lock the gates, and it would be easier if they had help. Oscar doesn’t volunteer, but he does give them the keys to the hotel.

Madison, Strand, Alicia, Elena and Hector begin clearing the dead room by room. The process takes forever, with them dragging the bodies down to the beach to burn. With three buildings and 17 floors in each, it doesn’t seem like they’ll ever finish. But Alicia hatches a plan after spotting a riptide sign in the water.

The easiest way to clear the dead is in one easy sweep. All they have to do is lure them to the dock and right into the water. The group separates to gather as many walkers as they can. Once the walkers are on the dock, Madison and Hector take a small boat into the water. Madison is left on the dock, drawing the walkers as far down as she can. The dead begin closing in on her, but Madison takes a leap into the ocean. Alicia and Hector are waiting to pick her up in the boat and drive her to shore. Meanwhile, the dead fall into the water and get carried away from the hotel.

The whole plan is a success, and the two groups celebrate with a feast later that evening. However, Oscar and Ilene don’t attend. Strand decides to pay a visit to Oscar, who is standing guard outside the honeymoon suite. He has his zombie wife locked inside and warns Strand that he won’t let her touch her.

Strand, who is still upset over the death of Thomas (Dougray Scott), completely understands. He promises Oscar that one day he’ll wake up and be a new man. “Let me help you,” he tells him.

Oscar talks to him a little bit about his wife before handing over the room key. He knows that Strand is right, and that it’s time to say goodbye. Episode 11 of “Fear the Walking Dead” ends with Strand entering the honeymoon suite.