February will not be a sleepy month for gamers in 2016. "Street Fighter V" is a highlight in the middle of the month, but there are plenty of other hot titles that will be vying for gamers' attention -- and dollars -- in February. Even with "Mighty No. 9" being delayed, this is a great month for games.

"Cobalt" (Xbox One, PC) - Feb. 2

This shooter is all about having fun. The slow-motion mechanics adds an interesting wrinkle to the gameplay. "Cobalt" was developed by Oxeye Studios and published by Mojang ("Minecraft").

"American Truck Simulator"(PC, Mac, Linux) - Feb. 3

People really seem to love the idea of jumping into a big rig, cruising through long stretches of highway and delivering cargo. "American Truck Simulator" will appeal to many gamers while others will be wondering why everyone is talking about a job simulator.

"XCOM 2" (PC) - Feb. 5

Based on the reviews, "XCOM 2" is a great game that adds new strategic elements to its turn-based formula. Set 20 years after an alien invasion took over Earth, players are in charge of an underground resistance movement aboard a mobile base of operations. 

"Firewatch" (PS4, PC, Linux, Mac) - Feb. 9

Something mysterious happens in a national forest in Wyoming. As Henry, players leave their fire watchtower to investigate -- armed with only a walkie-talkie. "Firewatch" focuses heavily on dialogue and the relationship between Harry and his supervisor Delilah. It's the debut game from Campo Santo, but was founded by former Telltale Games developers who worked on "The Walking Dead: Season 1" and art by Olly Moss.

"Unravel" (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - Feb. 9

"Madden" and "FIFA" are the first titles people associate with Electronic Arts, not a small platform game following the adventures of a Yarny, an unraveling puppet. Players can use the yarn to overcome obstacles and solve physics-based puzzles.

"Street Fighter V" (PS4, PC) - Feb. 16

Over seven years after the release of "Street Fighter 4," Capcom is delivering a new title to the iconic franchise. "Street Fighter V" is adding new characters and a new "V-Gauge" that adds new attacks, reversals and throws when charged. 

"Fire Emblem Fates" (Nintendo 3DS) - Feb. 19

Two games for the price of one, how can anyone say no to that? In "Fire Emblem Fates," players experience different storylines involving the same set of characters. The game includes "Birthright" and "Conquest" with the third chapter in the tactical RPG, "Revelation," available for digital download.

"Far Cry Primal" (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - Feb. 23

Ubisoft is swapping guns for sticks in "Far Cry Primal." Players can expect a huge open world set in a fictional Stone Age where hunters battle wooly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. Players are forced to craft melee weapons or bows while a day-night cycle affects animal aggression. The PC version will be released March 1.

"Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2" (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Another EA-published title closes out February. Everyone loves using plants to take down hordes of zombies, which is why "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2" should be a lot of fun. There's an offline mode and a new four player co-op mode.