A woman living in a $1.2 million Lake Washington home in Seattle, Wash. and receiving welfare is being sued alongside her husband by federal authorities.

Northwestohio.com, citing several Seattle news outlets, reports that the woman is named Lyudmila Shimonova and her chiropractor husband is named David Silverstein. The federal government alleges that Silverstein has been the one collecting a little more than $1,200 in monthly public housing vouchers, state and federal welfare checks, state and federal disability checks and food stamps for his wife to live in his $1.2 million home on Lake Washington.

Reports say court records show that Silverstein has been getting the assistance since 2003. Records also show that the couple has donated to numerous charities and traveled around the world to places such as Turkey, Israel and Mexico.

Shimonova reportedly used her real address when applying for the state and federal benefits.  However, she posed as a tenant in the 2,500-square-foot home, which comes fashioned with gardens and a boat dock. KING 5 in Seattle reported that Shimonova took advantage of the fact that the law doesn't require the government to verify what type of home a benefits recipient was living in.

The couples' home was raided on Friday.  They are being investigated for mail fraud, Social Security fraud and theft of government funds.  

No criminal charges have been filed.

Watch King 5's piece on the raid below:

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