A woman from Seattle, Wash., who is a welfare recipient, has been garnering much attention lately, but for an odd reason.

She happens to live in a waterfront house on Lake Washington worth approximately $1.2 million dollars and has been living in that same house since 2003.  

Sooner or later, one would figure that the government would find something fishy going on. That's exactly what happened on Friday when agents raided the woman's home armed with a search warrant.

According to documents obtained by KING 5 News in Seattle, the woman, who lives with her husband (a chiropractor) currently receives approximately $1272.00 a month in public housing vouchers, state and federal welfare checks, state and federal disability checks and food stamps. They couple has been receiving all the money since the time the house was first bought in 2003.

According to allvoices.com, the woman reportedly used her real address when applying for the state and federal benefits since 2003, but posed as a tenant in the home owned by her and her husband.

The home is 2,500 square feet and includes gardens and a boat dock, is valued at $1.2 million.

No reports have released the woman or her husband's name because they have not officially been charged with a crime.

So, how can someone go so many years living on welfare and still be able to live a luxurious life, you ask?

Well, according to a federal official who spoke to KING 5, the couple likely took advantage of a loophole, which allows low-income individuals to get financial assistance, helping them pay their rent and move away from housing projects. However, the caveat is that the law doesn't require government officials to verify what type of home the benefits recipient lives in.

What will draw more suspicions of fraud toward the couple is that they also have a philanthropic and travel history. The two have given money to numerous charities and traveled around the world to Turkey, Tel Aviv and Mexico, according to reports.

Further investigation seems almost imminent.

Watch the KING 5 news package of the raid below: