As Hurricane Sandy began on Monday, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) began posting updates and tips for Hurricane "Frankenstorm" Sandy on Twitter for social media users.

FEMA's Twitter account is verified and goes by the user handle @FEMA.

The national emergency agency started giving tips as early as Sunday, warning people that the phone lines would probably become congested, and to text loved ones they were okay.

tip: Phone lines may be congested after a storm, so update your social networks or text family/friends to say you're OK."

FEMA even made specific Twitter handles for each region being affected by the storm:

A special tip for those who were warned to be evacuated and have pets was a retweet from MDMEMA: " Tip: If it isn't safe for you, it isn't safe for your pets. If you evacuate take your pets

For those who were told they should evacuate, but don't have any friends or family that live out of the evacuation zone, FEMA relayed how individuals can find safe shelter. 

East coast, search for open shelters by texting: SHELTER + a zip code to 43362 (4FEMA). Ex: Shelter 01234 (std rates apply)"

Make sure neighbors are safe by checking up on them, and FEMA also shared to make sure that refrigerated food is moved to the freezer and try to keep the doors closed as long as possible so the perishable food lasts throughout the duration of the storm.

"Now that you've prepared for , the next step is to check on your neighbors- make sure they're ready too. We're in it together," they said.

"Food safety in power outages: Group food together in freezer & keep fridge closed to help food stay cold longer. ," FEMA shared.

Since "Frankenstorm" has started to bring heavier rains and stronger winds, FEMA warns people to say off the roads and much as possible and look out for fallen tree limbs and power lines,  in addition to staying away from standing water.

When news broke that Sandy made landfall, FEMA remided their Twitter users to charge their cell phones.

Continue to check FEMA's Twitter account for the latest updates on Hurricane Sandy so you can stay safe during the storm.

Winds are supposed to reach speeds of nearly 80 mph, and it's expected to last for about 36 hours.