width=398Italian car maker Fiat known for its modern yet simple models and environmentally-friendly cars with a dominating market in Europe is reintroducing the Fiat brand in North America. The company will launch Fiat 500, which will be available at the end of 2010 and followed by the Fiat 500C (cabrio) in 2011.

Laura Soave, Head of Fiat Brand North America said the modern version of the Fiat 500 (or Cinquecento) is the symbol of true Italian design and is a perfect expression of what the world expects of Italian cars. The Cinquecento will have world class-leading safety and fuel economy, quality.

The North American version of the Fiat 500 will be equipped with Fiat's 1.4-liter, in-line four-cylinder Fully Integrated Robotized Engine (FIRE) featuring the MultiAir system. MultiAir is a sophisticated technology that delivers an increase in power up to 10 percent and a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions up to 10 percent when compared to similar engines. The Fiat 500 also will feature advanced technology intelligently adapted for the North American market.

Fiat 500 models will also have a limited edition in exclusive three colors of white, red and gray equipped with a manual transmission and will feature an exclusive Prima Edizione (first edition) badge. Each of the 500 Prima Edizione vehicles will feature a sequential VIN and badge according to production order.

The modern version of Fiat 500 was launched on July 4, 2007, and since its introduction, it sold more than 500,000 units in more than 80 countries around the world. It has also won 40 international awards, including being named the 2008 European Car of the Year and 2009 World Car Design of the Year. Also, the Fiat MultiAir technology was recognized as the single most innovative engine technology of 2010 by the International Engine of the Year Awards panel.

Fiat's fleet of products includes compact and midsize vehicles and station wagons. For the last three years, Fiat was the lowest CO2 producer among Europe's best-selling automotive brands, and the Fiat 1.4-liter MultiAirTM turbo engine was named Best New Engine of the Year in 2010