Japanese video game developer Square Enix announced Thursday that it’s working on a role-playing game exclusively for the Apple Watch. The report comes after the video game publisher, famous for its iconic franchises “Final Fantasy” and “Dragon Quest,” pulled installments of its “Chaos Rings” series from the App Store.

Square Enix also reportedly filed a trademark for a game called “Cosmos Rings” in Europe. The company has now announced that the new game will be called “Cosmos Rings.”

The game is scheduled for a summer release and will be among one of the first role-playing games specifically designed for the Apple Watch. The game is said to utilize the smartwatch’s pedometer.

Takehiro Ando, who headed the creation of “Chaos Rings,” will be producing the new game too. Yusuke Naora, who worked on the “Final Fantasy” and “Chaos Rings” installments, will be handling the artwork for “Cosmos Rings.”

The game was announced on Square Enix’s website but no details have been revealed yet. Reports said that “Cosmos Rings” might bear some resemblance to the “Chaos Rings” series. “Chaos Rings” was a straightforward role-playing game for iOS, and reportedly added little to the genre but had good touchscreen controls.

However, creating a new game for the Apple Watch may present bigger challenges to Square Enix, reports said. Besides the power limitations, the Apple Watch’s screen is quite small, which would make controls difficult.