Paul Thomas Anderson's controversial new film, "The Master," has been generating non-stop buzz. Reports of surprise screenings throughout the country have surfaced-allowing for early (and largely favorable) reviews of the film.

On Monday, the film's final trailer debuted- boosting the film's considerable hype.

"The Master" is widely believed to be a thinly veiled illustration of the origins of Scientology. Set just after World War II, it follows a cult leader named Lancaster Dodd (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) who recruits followers.  Hoffman's character is rumored to be based on Scientology founder/science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard.

Joaquin Phoenix stars as Dodd's right hand man while Amy Adams portrays the leader's wife. "The Master" marks Phoenix's first on-screen role since he announced his retirement from acting and took on the persona of a poorly groomed hip-hip artist.

Varies outlets have commented on the enigmatic promo-which is just over a minute long. While it provides some further insight than a previous, far more obtuse trailer focusing exclusively on Phoenix's character, the new promo is still frustratingly light on details.

"A new trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' continues the impressionistic tone of the film's advertising campaign," wrote Entertainment Weekly's Drannen Franich. "There's a bit of stirring oratory from Philip Seymour Hoffman. There's Joaquin Phoenix going full Method, raging and strangling and smooching. And there's Amy Adams, quietly whispering 'The only way to defend ourselves is to attack.'"

"Watch the look on star Philip Seymour Hoffman's face when he says 'discovered' about halfway through the clip and try not to get the heebie-jeebies," said Christopher Rosen of the Huffington Post.

Travis Woods of Screen Cave described the new trailer as "a quietly unnerving collection of off-kilter, menacing music married to an abstract collection of scenes from the film."

"The Master" will screen at the Venice Film Festival (which kicks off on Wednesday) and the Toronto Film Festival next month.  The film is set for limited release on Sept. 14. and is scheduled to expand to more theaters on Sept. 21.