Apple iPhone owners may soon find themselves saying, “Hey Siri, turn on the lights.” Several of Apple’s partners have unveiled the first products compatible with HomeKit, ahead of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

HomeKit, a home automation software framework, enables manufacturers to develop products, such as lights, thermostats, wall outlets, locks, speakers and more, which can connect to iPhones and iPads. By linking them together, Apple users will be able to control them all by using Siri. Among the first HomeKit devices are products from Lutron, iHome, Elgato, Ecobee and Insteon.

Lutron released its Caseta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit with Smart Bridge, which enables iPhone users to automate home lighting. IHome introduced its SmartPlug, which can control lamps and fans plugged into the device. Elgato launched Eve, a home monitoring system that tracks air quality, temperature and humidity. Ecobee rolled out its smart thermostat. And Insteon began sales of its HomeKit-enabled Hub.

Some of the products are available online and in Apple Stores. Though others, such as the iHome’s smartplug and Elgato’s Eve are only available for preorder at this time. Apple is expected to share new information about HomeKit at WWDC on June 8. And additional HomeKit products are expected to be announced by manufacturers in the coming weeks.

It has taken nearly a year for companies to release their first HomeKit products, following the framework’s announcement in 2014. Though, some products -- such as Schlage’s Sense Smartlock -- were previewed by manufacturers at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.