Here comes Siri on your TV screen. Yes, the first commercial for the iPhone 4S is out now, but Apple is focusing primarily on the virtual personal assistant, devoting the entire 30-second TV ad to it.

Starting with a shot of the Siri interface asking What can I help you with? the ad then shows close-ups of different users submitting their requests to the application, such as We have a flat tire, What is the fastest way to the Harvard Hospital?, What does a weasel look like? and Wake me up at six.


Siri, the virtual personal assistant. Photo: Apple

When a user submits her request as I'm locked out, Siri replies back saying, I found 3 locksmiths fairly close to you, and offers the details.

Say hello to the most amazing iPhone yet, the commercial concludes.

Regardless of certain shortcomings like the fact that it doesn't respond to inquiries at times, Siri has generated a considerable amount of buzz and the Cupertino tech giant is trying to make the most of it.

In addition, AT&T announced Thursday that it had activated 1 million iPhone 4S devices on Tuesday. Thus the new iPhone 4S sets the record for the fastest selling iPhone on the carrier, Apple Insider reported.

Here is the video: